Message from Secretary

Dhananjay Anupam

Dear Team,
On behalf of the SHIKHAR YUVA MANCH management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on in achieving specific goals, objective, putting extra effort, referring good candidates, generating new ideas, following the rules, being good role models for others, being a good leader.

Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable. The management team at SHIKHAR YUVA MANCH know the amount of effort that you put into your work and we want to assure you that your efforts are significantly appreciated.
Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you all on our team.


Bhupesh Vaishnav

Special education in Mental Retardation and registered in Rehabilitation Council of India, Chief Functionary of Shikhar Yuva Manch  and more than 20 year working experience in the field of social development. Mr. Vaishnav specializes in  participatory planning, grass-root mobilization & effective implementation of the projects and monitoring.

Dhananjay Anupam

Secretary of the organization,  Post Graduate and more than 20 year working experience in the field of development, Mr. Anupam is specializes in financial management, child rights, community mobilization.

Sujit Kumar Sahu

MSW and MPhil in rural development, more than 10 year working experience in the development sector, specialized in planning, monitoring and evolution, working as a project manager.

Bajendra Giri

More than 25 year working experience in the development sector. Mr.Giri is graduate and specialize in planning, monitoring, evaluation and grass root mobilization, liasoning and MIS.

Pooja Kashyap

MSW in HR and she joined as a fresher she is office in charge and CHILDLINE staff.

Sandeep Rao Mohite

Graduate and 10 year working experience in the field of development and specialized in Child rights, Child protection, POCSO act, RTE and Legal advocacy.

Surendra Nirmalkar

MSW in Community development and 8 year working experience in the field of development specialized to work with tribal and rural area, grass-root implementation, community mobilization.

Bhawna Shukla

Post Graduate and 5 year working experience with Children in the CHILD LINE project, school, SMC and Police department, CWC.

Sunila Rathia

Post Graduate and 8 year working experience in the at grassroot level with women, and Income generation Programme, SHG and women’s empowerment.

Anup Mehar

MSW in community development  and 7 year working experience in SYM in various project and specialized in effective implementation of the project, community mobilization, Natural resource management , renewal Energy.

Suresh Dadsena

Engineer, GIS expert and 20 year working experience with govt project, NGO and independent consultant, Expert in Watershed planning, natural resource Management and Agriculture.