1997 to 2006

10 years of Great Learning & Volunteering

A group of young people started , Save water Save Life, Cycle yatra, Community meetings, Plantation, Sharing of Books to poor students, Supporting the Otherly abled people to file application for entitlement and awareness about the social issues. Without any funding support for 10 year and gain experience working with many grass root developmental activities and NGO’s working in Chhattisgarh.

2007 to 2009

Natural Resource Management & Environment

The National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) is an on going programme under the Environment, Awareness and Training (EEAT) Scheme of Environment Education (EE) Division since 1986. in year 2007- 2009 Every year the campaign is conducted in our project area, resulted plantation and cleanliness in many ponds at village level .The National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) is an on going programme under the Environment, Awareness and Training (EEAT) Scheme of Environment Education (EE) Division since 1986. In year 2007- 2009 Every year the campaign is conducted in our project area, resulted plantation and cleanliness in many ponds at village level. SYM Chhattisgarh started its first Project in Bitkuli Village, Bilha Block, Bilaspur District in Chhattisgarh . The objective was to improve the livelihood condition through the management of natural resources, agriculture and allied business supported by the LWR (Lutheran world Relief) and Technical support given by AFPRO Raipur, 375 family benefited from the project. Since the start of this first development project, SYM has implemented more than 18 projects all over Chhattisgarh.

2009 to 2018

Child Rights

Child centric Development Approach : First grant received for Towards encourage rural children to kindle their potential by providing creative opportunities through education and skill development. A series of project implemented to ensure the education of tribal children in this area. Ensuring the education of tribal Children in year 2009. First project for Out-of-School and Working Children started in the Govt school. this was an inter state border are education project supported by the NEG- FIRE in Kawardha District, Bodla Block, Chilphi Ghati area (Now Kabeerdham) Chhattisgarh objective of the project is to providing education, but also transforming the lives of the marginalized. The approach adopted for the first five years was targeted at finding new ways of bringing education to the marginalized. instead of establishing parallel educational structures project has opted for proactive support interventions to provide children access to the government education system. This approach held us in good stead with the Right to Education Act 2009 and we found ourselves fully aligned to take advantage of the opportunities that it provides.


Education & Child Rights

The NFE centers impact basic literacy and numeracy education in a non-formal setting to allow working children to attend at a time convenient to them and of their own willingness. A baseline survey was conducted to identify children engaged in child labor, out-of-school children, and children without access to education. with the support of Smile foundation, We have run 45 NFE in this period and mainstreamed more than 1850 in formal schooling . Availing quality and affordable Education for all deprived children through community involvement and effective implementation of RTE is implemented in 25 village of Pali block, Korba district. Strengthen tribal communities to improve access to government health and education services, under this project in the tribal dominated district we have covered 30 villages of Tribal villages of Kawadha, Pali block in Korba and Lakhanpur Block of Sarguja district and ensured the enrollment of tribal children, strengthen the SMC, created Children assembly covered 21690 family and 5902 children under this project. An integrated approach was followed to implement the project in the area ensuring involvement of community. Non formal centers were established to provide education to drop outs, never being to schools.

2011 to Till Date

Child Protection

1098 Tele Helpline Model. CHILDLINE stands for a friendly ‘didi’ or a sympathetic ‘bhaiya’ who is always there for vulnerable children 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. Whether you are a concerned adult or a child, you can dial 1098, the toll free number to access our services. CHILDLINE India is a project of Ministry of Women and Child Development. Childline India foundation is a non-government organisation (NGO) in India that operates a telephone helpline called Childline, for children in distress. It was India’s first 24-hour, toll free, phone outreach service for children. We are the partner in Bilaspur district and korba district & We have covered 1,74,000 in Bilaspur, 67,000 in Pali (Korba), 54,000 in Podi Uproda (Korba) though our out reached activities & through open house we have covered 12,000 people & created awareness about 1098 number & child protection. We have also covered 1,660 in Pali 2,358 in Podi Uproda, 1,073 in Bilaspur under medical, restoration, child lost, conflict with law sponsorship child marriage, admitted in NRC, enrolled in school, protection fro abuse etc.


Urban Poverty

Urban Poverty and planning in year 2012-2015 in alliance with PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia ), has been intervening in 9 slums of Bilaspur to strengthen civil society voices on urban poverty. Through meetings, focused group discussions and community participation, slum dwellers have been organized into Slum Improvement Committees (SICs) at the slum level. Capacities of SICs have been built through training and orientation about different central as well as state government schemes available for the urban poor. SIC members have been motivated to develop rapport and good relations with each other to enable them to share their knowledge and settle problems on their own initiative. Several joint meetings have been held to share information and raise awareness of common problems, and to find collective solutions. The stage came when.members of the SICs demanded an interface with other stakeholders in the city planning process so as to share their issues and problems.



The project has operational in 36 villages of 7 panchayats of Bodla and Pandariya block of Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh .A total of 2204 households is targeted comprising of 5105 males and 4652 females is covered under the project.13224 people has indirectly derive benefits from the project. The total population of the targeted area is 95757 comprising of 80% ST, 5% OBCs and others. The project extensively targets at the Baiga community which constitutes of about 98% of the tribal population. To equip and empower the poor and marginalized to claim their entitlement to a secure livelihood and as a result
achieve sustainable improvements in their lives.

2013 to 2015


Articulation the “Theory of Change” for the project. The project witnessed the transformation of communities in terms of raising demands, and sensitized with the educational issues. Majority of school management issues, equipment and infrastructure issues were addressed by the SMCs and Baal Panchayats. All the schools in the project area are now geared up to take up their own problems. All the SMCs, CBOs and Baal Panchayats were activated and Sikhar Yuva Manch facilitated the formation of federations of CBOs ( SikshaVIkas Manch), Baal Panchayats and SMCs. Most importantly the discrimination issues were sorted out and the CBOs are working on the quality of education. These institutions were properly linked with government line agencies and Gram panchayats. There are rave reviews from the service 9 providers and support of department and Gram panchayats are encouraging. Especially the Baal Panchayats have carved out a separate niche for themselves in the district. The project covered 12095 households spread in 100 villages of 57 Gram Panchayats in three blocks of two districts. The Project will covered 24096 SC, 29313 ST, 1423 Muslim and 3178 persons with disability in the target area.

2013 to 2015


Health- In partnership with The CHAI-Axshya project has run in the Block, Mungeli district of years and been focusing on strengthening India’s national TB control programme and TB services through Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM).Health Volunteers and undertaking activities, such as, empowerment of community groups through awareness campaigns, community meetings; establishing sputum collection and transport mechanisms and building a team of community volunteers. The innovative initiative of District TB Forums by CHAI under the project has given a platform to voice the needs and challenges of the affected community.

2016 to 2019


Miseriore 16-19 Promotion and protection of rights of children in the mining sector. The project has implemented in 12 villages of Bodla Block of Kabirdham District of Chhattisgarh. The project will reach to 505 Particular vulnerable tribal families, 876 children below 14 years and 1053 women,Children in the mining affected areas realize their right to education & play and participate in different forums to voice their concerns on right to protection and development. The health needs of vulnerable groups like children, women and youth members addressed and the water and sanitation condition of the marginalized households improved by strengthening government institutions. Improved environmental conditions of the mining affected region by the active lead of youth and children’s groups in collaboration with the government department and sensitized mining companies. Women and youth gain economic and social empowerment to lead a dignified life in their own villages.


Water & Sanitation

Water and Sanitation – under this project with the support of HDFC Bank, SYM, We construct sanitation structured at the respective schools also along with this organised awareness drive under the head of “WASH”. WASH was completely sensitization package for the students, teachers, parents, PRI members and general communities. In nutshell manner, Total 96 sanitation units have been constructed for the girls only , where 212 UR & 95 WC set has been provided for 8600 girls. 93 water post constructed in school to avail safe drinking water to children. 1st phase project has captured total 8564 boys and 8600 girls. Regionally it has captured in mungeli- Boys- 1651 , Girls-1618 , Sarguja- Boys-113, Girls- 111, Balrampur-Boys-844, Girls-870, Gariyaband-Boys-625, Girls-670, Mahashamund – Boys-1702 , Girls-1669 and at Raipur it has covered Boys- 3629 & Girls-3662. WASH have been implemented in total 112 school, in that regionally Mungeli got implemented this in 22 school, in Sarguja-3, Balrampur-20, Gariyaband-11, Mahashamund -19 and in Raipur it was 37. ODF- “We must not tolerate the indignity of homes without toilets and public spaces littered with garbage. For ensuring hygiene, waste management and sanitation across the village, a “ IHHL Mission ” has launched. This will be our tribute to national mission program -SBM.