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HRDP ( Integrated Rural Development Project ) project  is a holistic initiative . Where project are working for the thematic areas such as (Supported by the HDFC Bank )

1- Improving the livelihood through Natural Resource Managemen

 2- Skilling development 

3- Women empowerment

4- Entrepreneurship  programme

  5- Agriculture & allied business support programme

6- Renewal energy 7- Improving quality education .


Under sect 1- Project are delivering improved livelihood possibilities to marginalised  farmers through provide them appropriate and effective agriculture facilities input . Project works through the process of community need assessment and problems prioritisation.

Under sec 2- Project working on skill development areas . Where they  skilling village youth on technical & non technical field , village women ( specially to SHG members ) on deferent micro entrepreneurship trade  . It works through the process of trainees need assessment  , market demand & their feasibility study . Project linking them with , Govt & non govt agencies in knowledge and resource sharing .

Under sec 3- Empowerment work are doing through female group formation , bank link aging , knowledge development , leadership training .

Under sec 4- Trained group are getting seed money support   for initiating their opted micro business . Along with this, project are facilitating linkages support to existing group with a running business unit.

Under sec 5- Work on horticulture promotion , drip irrigation are taking under this thematic intervention .

Under sec 6- Project has adopted innovative renewal approach under that deployment of solar lifting pump , smoke less stove ,solar street light , mini solar home light , water wheels has done .

Under sec 7- Promoting quality education through science lab setup , knowledge and materialistic support to institution ( school & AWW ), BALA , talent hunt program for innovative study  .