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SYM works with PACS to eliminate discrimination from the classroom on the basis of caste, gender, and social status. SYM aims to achieve this, by creating pressure groups for initiating advocacy for the availability of quality education to all children, as outlined by the Right to Education Act (RTE). The project will work in 100 villages in the Bilaspur and Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh and is supported by PACS for three years of implementation.

Support Agency- PACS, a project of DFID.


  • Forming and strengthening federations of CBOs at block and district level, to make schools and education departments accountable and transparent.
  • Interface with different stakeholder for better implementation of the RTE Act.
  • Building the capacities of community institutions, teachers, and SMCs for better implementation of RTE.
  • Awareness building among parents to effectively participate in the SMC.


  • To facilitate the process of RTE compliance though advocacy and strengthening of CBOs and SMCs.
  • To federate, facilitate, strengthen and capacity building of block and district level SVM and Bal Sansad to ensure the RTE compliance in School and RTE.
  • To sensitize, orient, the service provider and department at the block, district and state level.
  • Wider dissemination of learning and documentation.

Purpose: To mobilize and federate SECs and organize a strong peoples’ federation as a pressure group to advocate for making non-discriminatory education services available and accessible for all children, especially for the children of socially excluded groups as per the norms prescribed in the RTE Act.

Outcomes: SYM wants to bring a lot of change with the support of PACS:

  • We assume that 2% drop-out children should be enrolled in school.
  • We will also ensure that at least 80% schools should have all the essential facilities as per the RTE norms.
  • BAL PANCHAYAT will become active, confident and will be able to raise their voice for their rights by itself.
  • SDP plan will be developed in 30 selected schools and for the implementation of SDP we will ensure that our CBOs, community and SMC will take initiative.
  • Through the federation of block and district level, we raise the voice of the socially excluded groups, this will create pressure on the government administration.

PACS seeks to:

  • Increase the number of functioning elementary and secondary schools in the PACS districts, so that minimum government norms are met.
  • Challenge the discrimination in schools that leads to poor attendance, poor academic development and children dropping out of school.
  • Ensure that children from socially excluded groups remain in school and move to higher classes, with better learning achievements.
  • Ensure that members of socially excluded groups, especially women, play an active role in statutory committees that monitor the quality of education.