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A child was found around the railway area. He was around 11 years old, when found. The child did not have his family members. He was also a victim of drug abuse. The ‘Parshad’ of the area had reported about him to the Child Line. Thereafter, the Child Line representative visited the area and looking at his ill health, got him admitted to the CIMS hospital, Raipur. He had TB. Initially, the Doctors had raised their hands, stating that his condition was quite critical.

The doctors would not even get close to him and would advice medicines from a distance. The nurses also avoided attending him. The Child Line representative provided food for him from his home. He started getting better. However, after further investigations, it was found that he was HIV positive. Knowing this, the doctors stated that no further interventions will come out to be successful. But his ART begun and it was found that his condition was not too critical. He was recovering. As he started regaining physical strength, he was taken to ‘Our Home’ where unattended HIV positive children stay. It is a residential place where children are also taught. They are also sent to school outside. He is now studying there and has completely recovered from TB.