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According to PACS project Title SAMANATA SC, ST, women, Disable, Muslim community are belonging to excluded group. We think that these groups are the marginalized group of the society. They have excluded from every entitlement. But in this case en excluded group discriminate another excluded group and its effect reflect in the school environment.
Majurpahari is the tribal based village of Bilha block of Bilaspur District. The total house hold of Majurpahari is 183, in which SC household is100, OBC household is 26 and SC household is only 12. All most all the household are belonging to ST, and OBC community, only 3 SC families are living in Majurpahari. In this village the SC community people are discriminated by the ST and OBC community. ST and other caste people don’t use any touching things of SC people e:g water, food and cloth. They do not sit in one place and it is a genetic habit by the ST community of Majurpahari. From the child hood the child habitant this thing. So the ST children discriminate SC children in school.More then 56% of the total population are educated. There is 1 primary School, 1 middle School and 1 high School in Majurpahari.
Discrimination is the main problem of the Majurpahari village. There is 62 children are reading in Majurpahari primary school. Shiva Sarathi S/o- Samelal (7years) and Dayashankar S/o- Kaddu Singh (7years) only the two children of SC community were reading in class 2. From childhood they faced discrimination in school, classroom, and their peer group in school. Teacher Mr.R.K.Padwar was the silent onlooker of that situation. Both boys were sitting back side in the class room. They bring plate from home for MDM which was served by the school. Other students were bound to compel the two children to accept it. So both children leave the school before seven month.
When SYM start the project at Majurpahari, our block coordinator and field facilitator met with the project stake holders and discussion about the SYM objective, project, mission, vision and its target group and its different objective like- discrimination, right to information, child right and how a child get free and compulsory education without discrimination. The other aspect of the project is to strengthen the excluded group’s voice and their right. Take this objective SYM field facilitator Mr. Narmada Das format the community based organization named as Sikshya Vikash Manch. There are 63 members in this CBO. Mr. Vijay Kumar is the President and Mr. Harishankar is the secretary of the CBO. Mr. Narmada continually met with the teachers; take meeting with CBO member, SMC members, BAL Sansad.
To track the children attendance in the primary school Mr. Narmada met with teacher Mr.R.K.Padwar and articulate about the dropout children, out of school children those who are eligible for the RTE norms, MDM service and other entitlement; he comes to know that two SC children Shiva Sarathi S/o- Samelal (7years) and Dayashankar S/o- Kaddu Singh (7years) are dropout from school before 7 month in class 2 because of discrimination of their classmate. Mr. Narmada understands the situation and planned to discuss these issues in the next CBO meeting of Majurpahari CBO. The next CBO meeting Mr. Narmada took discrimination issues in the agenda. He was trying to persuade about discrimination in school and how it affect the future of the child. He explained the RTE and What RTE norms say about discrimination. Mr vijay Kumar understand the actual things and sensitize the community people and assurance to help to readmission of the two SC boys.
Next Mr. Narmada met with BAL sansad of Majurpahari Primary school. He has played with the children and through playing he has explained about the discrimination and untouchably is the bed practices of the society. He has sensitized to the children that we should Fall out this custom. Then he met with teacher and make accountable him about their responsibility, what a teacher should do in this situation, teacher should not play a silent onlooker.
Then he met with Shiva and Daya and their parent and conversation about the education of both boys and convinces the future of the children and take a non official meeting with Teacher Mr. Mr.R.K.Padwar, CBO president Mr. Vijay Kumar CBO secretary Mr. Hari Shankar and Parent of the two boys in school and readmission of Shiva and Daya in class 3 as the RTE norms say. It is an initial indicator of socially changes in the community against discrimination through the SAMANANTA project. For a better result of this issue we were giving properly awareness the community through CBOs meeting, SMC meeting, Bal Sansad, Teacher meet, Parents meet and this process has been carry on for a grate change.